Please go down stairs to visit our medieval cave dating from the XII th century, dig into the rock called « Falin ». You are invited to savour our local specialities including large mushrooms called “Galipettes”. Les “Fouaces” are kneaded unleavened bread, baked before you in a wooden oven. The fouaces are served with salted butter, mixed pork, cooked white beans , grilled pork, goat-cheese and green salad. A dessert to close your lunch. Aperitif,
red wine and coffee included. If you wish you can ask for a vegetarian menu. As a souvenir of your visit we have a selection of wines to take away

"Le Caveau" is closed until 31/12/2011
For urgent information call 06 07 94 97 73.


Every year, the weekend.
(Saturday afternoon, evening and Sunday afternoon)

Every day in season.

15 days at the end or beginning of the year.

For all periods, for groups,
call 02 41 59 98 28

Services: 12H30 and 19H30




Information on our facilities:

Location :
With a 260 m² main room, our restaurant is installed in a 50 meters long artificial cave with a 100 persons capacity.
Large on the inside, its picturesque entrance is small on the outside.
Le Caveau is located in the very center of Doué La Fontaine, in the "place du Champs de Foire".